An Analysis on Boundary Layer Flows over a Vertical Slender Cylinder Via Spectral Method

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology: Tehran, Iran



In this research, an analysis is carried out to study the effects that blowing/injection and suction on the steady mixed convection or combined forced and free convection boundary layer flows over a vertical slender cylinder with a mainstream velocity and a wall surface temperature proportional to the axial distance along the surface of the cylinder. To study the problem, the non-linear partial differential equations and their associated boundary conditions are transformed into coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations. In this paper, we have solved this equation by a newly developed spectral collocation method based on Bessel functions of the first kind and also to compare the skin friction, we used the shooting method. After solving the problem, we have discussed about the values of the skin friction coefficient, the local Nusselt number, curvature parameter, buoyancy or mixed convection parameter and Prandtl number. Also, a comparison is made with the corresponding results to show reliability of presented method.