National Innovation Systems in Iran: Challenges and Approaches

Document Type : Original Article


1 Mazandaran Institute of Technology Babol - Mazandaran - Iran

2 Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology


Today, researchers have presented a variety of innovations that are referred to as generations of innovation and are divided into two general linear and systemic categories. One of the approaches to innovation in the systemic perspective is the National Innovation System. The study of national innovation systems suggests foundations and new approaches to government technology policies. The approach of national innovation systems emphasizes that the flow of information and technology between people, investment, and institutions is key to the innovation process. With a glance at the performance of universities, research institutes and private firms in Iran, it can be seen that, despite many abilities in technology development, many of them have failed to make commercialization of technology. In this research, with the aim of identifying the weaknesses of the National Innovation System of Iran, we first discuss the definition of the innovation system and its features and functions. Then, with the functionalist approach to this system, the weaknesses of the National Innovation System of Iran are enumerated. Finally, a framework is developed to identify the failures that these weaknesses arise from them.