Supply chain analysis and improvement by using the SCOR model and Fuzzy AHP: A Case Study

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Industrial Engineering, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.


Due to the growing competition in supply chains, continuous updates of the supply chain structure are necessary for companies' durability and competitiveness. Therefore, Successful companies, regardless of their current position, are constantly striving to improve and upgrade their supply chain. A lot of research has been conducted so far to achieve the above goals. Hence, the present study aimed to use an appropriate method based on the standard framework of criteria and processes to improve the supply chain capabilities. this standard framework is the supply chain operations reference model(SCOR). Along with this, Fuzzy AHP has been used for valuation plans. The plans provided based on the best practices of the SCOR model. After analyzing the processes and mapping existing supply chain, the pairwise comparisons data obtained from the questionnaire that was completed by the expert of this field, by the use of Fuzzy AHP technique and based on the criteria of the SCOR model, the plan with the maximum weight, was selected and according to it, changes were made in the supply chain.