An extended Multi-Criteria Green Supplier Selection based on Z-Numbers for Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Programming Problem

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1 Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Urmia University of Technology

2 Faculty of Industrial Engineering Urmia University of Technology

3 Urmia University of Technology


The green supplier selection (GSS) problem is a strong and important strategy for companies and organizations that are particularly focused on the environment and technology. This study aims to select the best supplier to optimize order allocation by considering criteria, capacities, and demand. In this study, linguistics variables are firstly used in the form of Z-Numbers to evaluate the weight of criteria. After that, the weights of criteria are obtained by similar to the Z-TOPSIS Method. Thereafter, to select and determine each supplier's order values a Fuzzy multi-objective linear programming (FMOLP) problem is then presented. The proposed model adapts well to even the most complicated membership functions. Finally, the model is further developed using a numerical example at the end of this research. The results of this paper can be implemented in other multi-objective optimization problems, in which the terms uncertainty and reliability of the values of criteria are important.